Cusco Journals

Discovering Myself in Peru

A January 2003 trip to Cusco by aussiekate

Quote: I travelled to Peru as part of an adventure/volunteer program. I was based in Peru but ventured the Inca Trail, the Manu Biosphere and Lake Titicaca. I found the warmth of Peruvian people, and I learnt a lot about myself.


Restaurant | "Jacks"

Great home-style cooking - if you want a great hot chocolate or coffee (very rare in Peru), this is the place to go. It´s a great place to meet other travellers, as lots of gringos go there.

Some of the things on the menu include:
Pumpkin soup, veggie burgers (very good), nachos, chicken portobello, antipasto, and giant all-day American breakfasts.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on February 13, 2004

Cusco, Peru

Here I am, sitting in an internet cafe in Puno, on the shore of Lake Titicaca. Outside is the booming of drums, blaring brass bands, and happy people dancing and singing.

It´s Candelaria here, a festival celebrating the Virgin Candelaría. There aren't many gringos here, so I figure the word´s not yet out about this festival. It´s like a mini Carnivale. I recommend it as a weekend trip if you´re in Peru during February. The streets are constantly filled with processions of colourfully costumed dancers accompanied by brass bands, drums, flutes and armies of panpipes. The atmosphere is amazing - the people are joyous just to be dancing in the street.