Huaraz Journals

Huaraz, because of its mountains

A January 2004 trip to Huaraz by Targed

Quote: The mountains around Huaraz are the most interesting in Peru. The city itself was destroyed during an avalanche many years ago, so not very interesting.

Huaraz, because of its mountains


Hiking in the mountains for 2-12 days. Ice- or rock climbing, mountain biking, rafting or other mountain activity. There is also a ruin of the Chavin culture (Peru`s first big culture) that you can visit in one or more days.Quick Tips: Don`t pay too much and watch out for a small woman with glasses - she tries to rip you off. There are two cordilleras, the cordillera blanca and the cordillera negro. In the cordillera blanca are the best mountains to hike. But with a lot of rain, it`s hard to see the beautiful mountains. You can watch lots of horses, birds, flowers, lakes and special trees. Sometimes avalanches in the nearby glacier.Best Way To Get Around: Walk, collectivos or tax...Read More