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Treasures along the Rio Verde

A January 1997 trip to Jerome by Whirlwind

Red Point Sheep Bridge Photo, Jerome, Arizona More Photos
Quote: Located near the heart of the Grand Canyon State, Jerome makes a good base for exploring the beauty of Central Arizona's National Forests before heading south and west to Phoenix and Yuma and the Mexican border beyond.

Treasures along the Rio Verde


* Quartzite Rock and Mineral Show

* Sheep Bridge (Horseshoe Reservoir)

* North and South Mountains (Phoenix)

* Yuma, agricultural miracle.

Quick Tips:

Best Way To Get Around:

A four wheel drive vehicle is a must to challenge with confidence the steep mountain roads and hairpin curves of off-the-beaten-path Central Arizona.

Quartzsite Rock and Mineral Show

Attraction | "Quartzite Rock and Mineral Show--watch out!"

"Did you see the snowbirds today?" asked a man from Yuma. "What's a snowbird?" I asked. You'll know 'em when you see 'em," was his reply. Well, I was more interested in rocks than birds and my interests were about to be indulged. The concept is great--driving north to Quartzite from Yuma on Highway 95 to take in the tent city known as the Quartzite Rock and Mineral show. Beautiful collections of polished stone, gems, and geological oddities are there for the browsing. And don't forget the racks of leather goods, silver jewelry, Bowie knives, and assorted collectibles of garage sale warehouse proportions. But the key to it all is actually driving there. It wa...Read More

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Quartzsite Rock and Mineral Show
1240 Acacia Road
Quartzsite, Arizona
(928) 927-6361

Verde River Sheep Bridge

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Entrance to Verde River Sheep Bridge Photo, Jerome, Arizona
Some of the most rugged, remote and beautiful landscapes, besides the marvel of a quite long man-made suspension bridge walkway, can be seen along the Verde River in the Tonto National Forest of central Arizona. From I-17 turn down Bloody Basin Road--a dirt path which winds for miles and miles past dry gulches, proud stands of Saguaro, and up and down narrow mountain passes with hairpin turns. A glance down a sixty foot drop reveals the abandoned sluice rack of a forgotton gold claim. A glance up a hill catches a family of wild pigs, actually not really pigs but Javalinas. They race the jeep momentarily, then dodge behind a hillside of cacti. Yet another glance downwards and the wreck of an ...Read More