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China-the other World

A July 2000 trip to Zhejiang by Caramel_06410

Quote: China's great beauty from its environment, people, and culture.

China-the other World

Best Of IgoUgo


The best thing to do is to go sight seeing. Don't stay in your room, go out and be adventurous. Climb the Great Wall, visit Tianamen Square, Ming Tombs, Heavenly Palace, etc.

Quick Tips:

Don't drink the water, be daring when eating unfamiliar foods, you might like them, talk to people, make business contacts.

Best Way To Get Around:

Buy a bike, only 200 yuan, which is about 25 dollars, and explore on your own!
I stayed in a room with another female student, we had a small refrigerator , two beds, a bathroom. The entire room was very nice, and there is a nightclub in the hotel, along with a gameroom.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on October 27, 2000

Great Wall Hotel
185 Suzhou
Zhejiang, China