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A January 2004 trip to Boston by TERRYD2

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Quote: When I left the UK on business to Boston with two of my companions, it was 11 degrees and when we got there, it was -11 degrees! At the end of the trip, it was -20 degrees, not the best place in the winter!

Turner Fisheries

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The cod was brilliant -- you can't beat fish so fresh and delicious. The one thing you don't order, though, is TEA! They threw it in the water at Boston during the tea party and I reckon they dragged it out and kept it for us Brits! Coffee is no problem, though; they have all sorts, all shades, and all tastes!

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Turner Fisheries
10 Huntington Ave.
Boston, Massachusetts 02116
(617) 424-7425

Boston Photo, Boston, Massachusetts
The one thing we found about Boston was that it was so cold in January. It was unbelievably cold, so make sure that if you travel at this time of the year, wear lots of warm clothing! Believe me, you'll need it! Taxis abound and average fares are around $5-15, but watch the hotel hawks . . . these are guys who are not registered cabs and some of the hotel boys like you to use them (they probably get kickbacks, know what I mean?). Anyway, they tend to be a lot dearer; for instance, the fare to the airport was $25 from Central Boston with one of those guys or $17 with the regular cabs. Avoid the main shopping malls near the Prudential Center, etc. and head off over into the Italian quar...Read More