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Beautiful Belarus

A July 2002 trip to Minsk by flyaway1978

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Quote: A week experiencing cosmopolitan Minsk and the beautiful countryside of surprisingly rural Belarus. Nestled between Poland and Russia, the psyches of the Belarussian people have not yet recovered from the suffering of World War II. Thus they remain a sympathetic people who enjoy the good they find in life.

Beautiful Belarus

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countryside Photo, Minsk, Belarus
The city of Minsk is unique in that it is the single best example of a planned Soviet (formerly) city. All but completely destroyed in World War II, it was reconstructed according to Stalinist architecture and design. Many of the buildings appear plain, but wide avenues of grass and greenery allow Minsk to retain a pleasant feel. I visited Belarus with my employer at the time, Friendship Force International. It was a citizen exchange program, so I stayed with a lovely Belarussian family in their flat. Some of my favorite memories were sitting around the table and discussing every topic under the sun in a mix of three languages. We spent one day at their dacha in the Belarussian cou...Read More
The Great Patriotic War is what Russians and Belarussians call World War II. This is a war museum, so it's obviously not bright and cheerful, but it's very large and well done with a variety of exhibits. I am, by no means, a person who is normally fascinated with war, but I would recommend this as a Belarussian cultural experience. This museum has its own website. Call ahead for details on arranging an English-speaking tour guide.

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Great Patriotic War Museum
Skoriny 25a
Minsk, Belarus