Potosi Journals

The hell of Potosi

A June 2003 trip to Potosi by Targed

Working miner Photo, Potosi, Bolivia More Photos
Quote: Potosi is the highest city in the world. It has a great history because of one mountain, a mine.

The hell of Potosi


Working miner Photo, Potosi, Bolivia
The mines...In this place they offer to the devil. There died more than 10 million people. It`s hard to breathe, it`s claustrophobic, toxic gases, dark and very hot. Here the capitalism started by Spain. It`s a mine, the mine of Potosi. If you want, you can visit this place. It`s a huge experience and you appreciate every minute of your life after you leave this hell. So, why wait? Quick Tips: Ask your guide (or do it yourself) to blow some dynamite outside the mines. Enter the mines only when you are strong and healthy. Tall people have more problems... It`s better to get used to the height before entering it. Potosi is at a height of 5000 meters.Best Way To Get Around: You can wa...Read More