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The Reeperbahn, Hamburg (Beatles Sites)

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Quote: As a life long fan of the Beatles, I decided to try and find as many Beatles sites in this area as I could.

The Reeperbahn, Hamburg (Beatles Sites)

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Indra Club Photo, Hamburg, Germany
I visit Hamburg quite regularly; it is a lovely city. Although there is a lot to do, the area around the Reeperbahn is an experience not to be missed! I can still remember the first time I pulled up in a cab by the St. Pauli Police station in the Reeperbahn. Try it for yourself! The Reeperbahn. Was originally used for making rope used at the nearby seaport (comes from the old German word Reep meaning "a heavy rope for a ship"); it is now the red light district, and is full of bars, cafes, restaurants etc. I have always found this to be a safe place, as long as you are careful! If you are uneasy, visit during the day for your first trip, but do come back at night! As a lifelon...Read More

China Man Wah


Starting at the St Pauli Police station, turn left past the theater. Walk about 80 meters until you reach the corner of the street. Here you will find The China Man Wah, a lovely authentic Chinese restaurant that specializes in dim sum. The menu has a picture beside many of the dishes and includes a description in English. The cuisine is very authentic and has dishes such as chicken feet or roasted pig intestine. Luckily there are plenty of options that are more usually found in Western chinese restaurants--the chow mein is very nice! Inside the restaurant has a good atmosphere decorated in a Chinese style. The place is clean and well presented. There are usually Chi...Read More

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China Man Wah
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Hamburg, Germany
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