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New Orleans, Louisiana Honeymoon Paradise

A May 2002 trip to New Orleans by Vester

Dauphine Orleans Hotel Photo, New Orleans, Louisiana More Photos
Quote: Hot and humid? Yes! Sexy and sultry? Yes! New Orleans is a romantic and adventurous town not to be missed!! There is something here for everyone: the history buff, the religious buff, or the romantic at heart!

Dauphine Orleans Hotel

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Hotel | "Dauphin Orleans"

Dauphine Orleans Hotel Photo, New Orleans, Louisiana
These accommodations couldn't have been better for the first leg of our honeymoon! The hotel has two sections, and we were in the one across the street from the main check-in. The hotel rooms that are by the main check-in are near a pool (which we went to on the third day) and it's very nice. There is even a small, quaint little bar right by the pool where you can get yourself a glass of wine, etc! Our room had a large bed with a gorgeous picture (Currier and Ives) of a map of New Orleans. (In fact we loved it SO much we scoured the town to find it one day and now have it framed above our own bed in our bedroom at home!!!) We were given champagne more than once because it ...Read More

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Dauphine Orleans Hotel
415 Dauphine Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70112

We went to the Court of the Two Sisters as our first meal in New Orleans!

We went for a Jazz Brunch in the morning and it was awesome! The patio they have you on is gorgeous and I'll be adding pictures shortly so you can see it! They had a jazz band playing and I can't tell you how incredibly cool it was to sit in the morning, listen to music, and sip champagne!

The food was OUT of this world! The brunch buffet was enough to feed a thousand people and each item seemed better than the last (no kidding!)

Don't hesitate to come here for any meal -- you won't regret it!

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Court of Two Sisters
613 Royal St
New Orleans, Louisiana 70130
+1 504 522 7261

Cemetery Voodoo Tour

Attraction | "Cemetery Voodoo Tour!!!!"

Cemetery Voodoo Tour Photo, New Orleans, Louisiana
This tour was really great! (On a side note, we even saw where Lenny Kravitz lives!) We had a bit of history throughout the tour of New Orleans and then we ended up at the cemetery. Of course, you probably know that all graves are above ground because it’s on a swamp. These graves really are so interesting. It was sweltering hot, so that took away some of the charm (June in New Orleans, haha!), but we even went to the tomb of the voodoo queen, Marie Leavau!! Interestingly enough, the scene from Easy Rider in the cemetery was shot here and if you have seen the movie, you will recognize the picture below of the statue that they were crawling on top of. Because of that movie and the city's unfa...Read More

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Cemetery Voodoo Tour
New Orleans, LA
New Orleans, Louisiana

Jazz in the streets!!!! Photo, New Orleans, Louisiana
This is New Orleans, so OF COURSE there is Jazz, baby!!!

The streets during the day near St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square were alive with music and fun!

There was some of the best jazz I had ever heard in my life right on the street done by a 10 piece jazz band (we even bought their CD!!)

Street performers abounded and were great to watch! I've included some pics for you!