South Dakota Journals

Minnesota to Rushmore and back again

A July 2003 trip to South Dakota by goodmother

Quote: Part of the fun is getting there! This is a 13-hour drive. You have to make it count. Our kids love this trip and we have done it several times.

Mickelson Trail

Attraction | "Biking the Mickelson Trail"

I am not an expert biker by any means, but biking a section of this trail makes me wish I could have gone farther and handled more difficult terrain. The trail is very scenic. It allows you to see steep cliffs and lush creek beds and valleys. There are bridges that criss cross the creeks and plenty of places to pull over and take in the beauty. Pine trees, green meadows, wild flowers aplenty. Take along water and snacks for the trail, but most often the trails go from one town to another. They are very remote, however, so take a cell phone and leave word that you are out, just in case. We started at Silver City and only went in for about an hour and then turned around and came back. For a...Read More

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Mickelson Trail

Hot Springs, South Dakota