Northern Territory Journals


An October 2003 trip to Northern Territory by Gypsy Canuck

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Quote: The people of Alpurrurulam are indigenous, shy, and wonderful people. They are artists and storytellers and take a while to trust you. They are very talented with their hands but are not really street smart as they are very isolated.



Walks in the desert to see the flowers and beautiful trees. Watching the children play in the oval. The women painting on the floor for hours and the young girls learning their arts in the women's center.

Quick Tips:

Go to the general store to buy supplies and befriend the locals -- they are wonderful and friendly people.

Best Way To Get Around:

You must have a well-equipped SUV with 4-wheel drive and sturdy big wheels. The highways are rough one-lane dust roads. They are impassible if there is the least amount of rain, as they turn into slippery sinking holes. You must have at least a three-day supply of water and food on board to travel these roads.

Local's home


Two Generations Photo, Northern Territory, Australia
There are no accommodations if you don't know someone and are invited to stay. The community is small and the people are poor. The kids play in the clay oval and the women paint at the women's center. The men seem to sit in circles talking most of the day, as they only work in the morning. It is really hot and the desert is beautiful to walk in. There is only one store and it has limited hours. The children are beautiful and curious.

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Walk in the desert


The soil is so red Photo, Northern Territory, Australia
Walking in the desert around Alpurrurulam is peaceful and uplifting. There are little flowers growing out of the dust. The birds scream at you, and the wind is wonderful and warm. There are termite hills all around that look like little high-rise cities. The ridge is rocky and what is described as high is flat to North American eyes. The sunrise is magnificent and it is hot walking any time after 9am. The temperature was in the 35-40 degrees Centigrade. The scrub in the desert is home to many small animals that you only see at night. The snake trails are everywhere, but you don't see the snakes. You can relax and enjoy the sheer isolation that you feel as you seldom see another human being. It is an e...Read More
Sun shelters Photo, Northern Territory, Australia
The community center is modern and air-conditioned, but the houses aren't, so the people sleep outside in the dry season. It is a no grog community, so it is safe and friendly. The community has a night watch with a police car. There is a fence around the excision that prevents strangers from coming in by car. There are old cars abandoned everywhere and there is a gas station where anyone can buy gas. The store is open for limited hours and there is a medical center that the flying doctors come to two days a month. It is manned by two aboriginal health care workers and one nurse (sister). The clay oval is always busy with kids and there is an elementary school and shaded areas for circles of talk. It ...Read More