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Yellowstone in September

A September 2003 trip to Yellowstone National Park by Steve Freitas

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Quote: Vacation to Yellowstone and the Tetons in the early fall.
Best Things Nearby:The campground is right in the middle between Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Great when you want to see both National ParksBest Things About the Resort:Large lots, gas station on site, during mid-September, not packed.Resort Experience:Each campsite had plenty of room, fire pits, and plenty of trees. The campground also had a nice laundry room. The office area of the campground had a little store, restaurant, and a gas station. All was clean and well kept. With so many trees where we were at, I was unable to get a signal with the satellite dish, but it looked like other people didn't have that issue. This is a great location if you ...Read More

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Flagg Ranch Village

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Old Faithful

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Old Faithful Photo, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
When we arrived at our campsite, we got settled, and then we figured we had a couple hours of daylight, so we hopped into the Jeep and headed off to see Old Faithful. Being from Colorado, we enjoyed the mountainous environment. Hoping to see some animals, we spotted some buffalo within 10 minutes of the trip. We must have used our allotment of animal-seeing, because we didn’t see any other animals until we pulled into the Old Faithful area. At that point, we saw more buffalo and a guy who was going to try and get really close to it to get a picture. After we turned off the main highway and into the Old Faithful parking area, we saw, I would guess, about 40 elk just grazing. So we did the tourist ...Read More

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Old Faithful
Yellowstone National Park
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