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Viva Diving Not Recommended

A January 2004 trip to Freeport by dietevil

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The equiptment here was the worst we've seen anywhere. Every regulator I was given was broken in some way - two had broken depth gauges, one had a faulty pressure gauge, and one was unusable (water passed through the reg. instead of air). I didn't go diving my last scheduled day because I felt I was taking my life into my hands. The shop also has some shady practices with respect to hidden charges. There is a sheet in their office with a list of dive sites that have surcharges, but when they take you diving they don't ask or tell you where they're bringing you - they just slap the charges on later. I don't know if this is illegal in the Bahamas but it would be in the U.S. The d...Read More

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on January 13, 2004

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