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South Africa Part 7 of 7

A November 2003 trip to Johannesburg by KenDurham

View of Sandton City Photo, Johannesburg, South Africa More Photos
Quote: This trip is for seven weeks as a Global Guide Ecchange participant with RCI.

South Africa Part 7 of 7


Hamilton Family Dinner Photo, Johannesburg, South Africa
My seventh week is over and my impressions of South Africa are as follows: 1. The best-kept secret in the world is the hidden vacation treasures of S.A. 2. It is HOT down here. Temperatures have been between 28C and 35C (on average). 3. The people here are EXTREMELY friendly. 4. The car you are driving has to have GOOD shocks for when you drive off the paved roads. 5. Be PREPARED to eat when you come here. Quick Tips: Bring a hat, sun block, and light clothing. If traveling in the bush, DO NOT get out of your vehicle and DO follow the ranger's suggestions.Best Way To Get Around: A car is the only option, as there are no buses, trains, or taxis. If it is a lo...Read More

A week in the life of an RCI Guide

Best Of IgoUgo


View of Sandton City Photo, Johannesburg, South Africa
Well this is it! The last week of my first stay in South Africa. Looking back seven weeks it is hard to believe that I have done so much in such a short time. I have fallen in love with the country and its peoples. I hope to return here and introduce my wife Grace to the experience of the region soon. Again, Monday through Friday I spent the daytime working at the RCI office. The evenings were chalked full of events as well. Monday night saw a new chef at Heatherdale Guest House. I was asked to do the braai, and it was fun. We had chicken, lamb chops, sausages, and steak. Donny our host had prepared the vegetables and deserts. Although we sat down around 8pm for the meal we had it ou...Read More