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Swaziland, peacefull places in southern Africa

A November 2004 trip to Swaziland by M@uricio

Child selling collars Photo, Swaziland, Africa More Photos
Quote: The Kingdom of Swaziland is a mysterious, small country that is isolated by South African borders, yet is politically independent and economically dependent on South Africa and Mozambique with whom there is good a relationship. Equipped with anything a tourist could need, with nice markets and lovely people.

Swaziland, peacefull places in southern Africa


Child selling collars Photo, Swaziland, Africa
Have a look at crafts at the colorful street market in Mbabane, the capital. You will surely take home a souvenir. The candle factory and the glass factory are some other good opportunities.

Quick Tips:

A small present or gift for the locals will do! Unused clothes, bags, etc. are great to give away. Purchasing bananas, local fruits or nuts helps the people and prices are never seen before.

Best Way To Get Around:

Travelling on an organized tour with expert guide and driver you will enjoy the most. Renting a car should not be a major problem, bearing in mind you are not in your home country.

Crossing Swaziland


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We travelled from Durban and entered the country at the Golela border. Many people earn their livings by working in sugar cane fields or wood factories. On our way, we stopped to visit a candle factory, a craft market, a glass factory, and the Rocking Horse toy maker. Our tour left this memorable country at Jeppes Reef border control.

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I recommend the candlelight dinner with personal service at your table, being either on a group or a private holiday. A lady, the chief I presume, will welcome you and tell you you can begin first to eat whatever menu on the list, in whatever order and even ask later for an earlier menu again... Anyhow I guarantee you will stop after seven courses (as a general rule). And similar is the next morning's breakfast: a huge choice of bread, cakes, cornflakes, jam, fruit, juices, etc. As we were on an organized trip, we don't know the prices. Visit the site and just ask. Foresters Arms Hotel