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Villa Hacienda

An August 2003 trip to Puerto Plata by JCamp9000

Quote: Unfortunately, all the Americans were in one area, which was in terrible disrepair.

Hacienda Villas Del Mar All-Inclusive

Hotel | "Villa Hacienda"

Best Things Nearby:The beach is beautiful, the grill, and the specialty restaurants are fabulous. The play area for kids was not in great shape, but the kids certainly didn't notice. It was never monitored by an attendant though.Best Things About the Resort:Again, the beach and specialty restaurants. The buffets available under the all-inclusive package were repetitive and fairly boring. The wait staff was very nice.Resort Experience:Don't expect top quality. The towels are threadbare, as are the bed linens. The food is edible, but not high quality. The staff is friendly, but hardly anyone understands or speaks English. There are fun activities at the p...Read More

Member Rating 1 out of 5 on January 10, 2004

Hacienda Villas Del Mar All-Inclusive
Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic