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Birds and Beaches!

An October 1992 trip to Falkland Islands by graememcqueen

Stanley Church Photo, Falkland Islands, South America More Photos
Quote: The Falklands are very isolated -- they are comprised of two main islands (east and west) and many small islands.

Birds and Beaches!

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Stanley Church Photo, Falkland Islands, South America
The beaches are wonderful. I have never visited beaches like them, silver sand and the clear blue sea, with penguins walking past. No pollution! Birds are present in abundance, from albatross to emperor penguin's. Seals are also frequent visitors to the shore. Port Stanley the main town, and is different from any town or capital city I have ever seen. Different colored corrugated steel roofs brighten the spectacle. Stanley contains a hospital, university, police station, a couple of pubs, and a general store that sells everything! You initially fly into Mount Pleasant International Airport, which also doubles as the military airfield. Port Stanley is a...Read More