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Appreciation of Fundy National Park

A June 2003 trip to Alma by keepitreal

Quote: Notorious for boasting the highest tides in the entire world, this "back to nature" destination is more than a lover of the outdoors could imagine, with hundreds of nature trails, golf, sea kayaking, hidden cabin retreats, and some of the best seafood on the planet.

Appreciation of Fundy National Park


The suspension bridge after a long day's hike and kayaking on a peaceful lake.

Quick Tips:

I find the best time to head up to the park is towards the middle of May or the beginning of October. The weather is cooler and you beat the crowds. Plus, there are some great off-season specials to take advantage of, not to mention the beautiful fall foliage in October.

Best Way To Get Around:

Fundy National Park itself is quite large, so if you plan on getting to all of the major attractions you will need a car. But definitely plan on leaving your car behind once you reach your destination, as you will want to walk and experience nature.
If you like seafood, you will find some of the finest local lobster in Fundy. We both ordered a delicious bowl of Seafood Chowder to start out with and topped that off with a lobster roll platter. It was absolutely perfect. As we enjoyed this maritime treat, our table overlooked a busy nine-hole golf course. Very friendly service and comfortable atmosphere. After dinner we took a leisurely stroll down one of the trails that intertwined with the golf course and scattered cabins.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on January 4, 2004

Seawinds Dining Room
47 Fundy Park Chalet Road
Fundy, New Brunswick
(506) 887-2808

Hidden adventures


For only $10 admission per car, the possibilities are endless. You can follow the map that is handed to you to create a number of soothing and adventurous experiences. Our first stop was Big Salmon River, where we set out on a 4-hour journey by foot. It ended off at a rocky riverbed with a suspension footbridge towering over the water. It was neat to walk across the shaky overhang and explore the shores on both sides of the terrain. There is also a tourist lodge where you can stop and have a snack. Back into the car, and after a great maritime dinner at Seawind's in the town of Alma, we headed only a few miles down the road to do some kayaking. At Alma wharf, you can witness the high tides as well...Read More