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Bratislava in less than 24 hours!

A September 2003 trip to Bratislava by fizzytom

Quote: Due to a mix up with accommodation and being on a tight schedule, we stopped off to spend only an afternoon and a night in Bratislava. We still managed to cram a lot in to that time and this is what we managed.

Bratislava in less than 24 hours!


For views of the most SNP, climb the hill at the hrad and view from there before going onto the bridge itself.

Enjoy a beer or two outside a cafe in the picturesque narrow streets of the old town.

Wander the streets of the old town at leisure -- there's so much here to notice. You just keep on finding new things.

Visit a traditional Slovakian inn and eat the national dish of dumplings with pork fat.

Quick Tips:

Best Way To Get Around:

Public transport is cheap and regular. Trams in particular are very useful, but be careful crossing roads because the trams appear suddenly and then you don't know whether to go back or dash across.


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I know this will sound odd, but I'm still not sure what this accommodation actually is. Due to the type of accommodation and the rest of the building, I kind of think it belongs to the university, but I am not sure. We were referred here when the accommodation we'd booked let us down, so we followed the instructions and found it easily - a few stops on the tram (3, 5 or 11) out of town. The rooms are of the cell type, which means that you get two keys; the first is for the "flatlet," for want of a better word, and this gains you entry to the hallway. From here there are two doors and one is your room. The other is another bedroom and the two rooms share a bathroom which is off the ha...Read More

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Pionierska 17
Bratislava, Slovakia 832 59
(421) 2 4924-6600