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A September 2002 trip to Nadi by myrnarae

Quote: Musket Cove, on Malololailai Island, north of Nadi, Fiji, is a wonderful destination for exploring above and under water.
Best Things Nearby:Yacht trips to other inhabited/uninhabited islands, catamaran lessons, marina, restaurants, little village center, snorkeling everywhere.Best Things About the Resort:Malololailai is a small island that you can walk around in about an hour or so. It has a couple hills in the middle for fabulous sunset vantage points. There is gorgeous, blue, warm water, reefs to swim to, another island to walk to (in low tide only!), great natural fauna and flora. Musket Cove is a resort set up as a small village, with "regular" cottages and picturesque native-type burres. We stayed in a two-bedroom burre that was the farthest out from the village center. It was a wonderf...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on December 29, 2003

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