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A January 2003 trip to Seattle by NDtpt

Quote: Seattle is a beautiful city with plenty of cluture. I enjoyed my visit greatly and can't wait to go back. Here are a few journal entries on some enjoyable destinations within Seattle. Enjoy!

Pioneer Square


Pioneer Square is the soul of old Seattle. It is home to many of the most popular bars and clubs in the city. On the downside, Pioneer Square is also known as a hub for many of Seattle's homeless. Cheap eats and quiet shops fill the old historic buildings. There is no shortage of pigeons in the area either! Step into Doc Maynard's and take the Underground Tour, which will take you below the streets of Pioneer Square and treat you to a vision of what Seattle looked like before the big fire of 1889.,Check out the totem poles and bust of Chief Sealth in the middle of the square, and if you're a tourist and want to know what the old times were truly like, have a stay at the Pioneer Square Hotel. It was...Read More

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Pioneer Square
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Seattle, Washington 98104
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Pike Place Market

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For a hungry traveler on a budget, Seattle has no greater attraction than the Pike Place Market. Nearly a century old, Pike Place is one of Seattle's most popular landmarks, as famous for the theatrics of its boisterous vendors as it is for its many appealing edibles. Its most popular buildings are the Main and North arcades, with their artfully arranged banks of produce, and seafood piled high on ice. The best bet for enjoying the market is to go on an uncrowded weekday morning unless you enjoy the hustle and bustle of many tourists. Wander slowly, sample frequently and remember to watch out for flying fish... the fishmongers toss huge fish between their stalls at blistering speeds! Over...Read More