Dallas Journals

Dallas-No place bigger

A March 2003 trip to Dallas by WanderlustDebi

Quote: As you've likely heard, everything's bigger in Texas, and Dallas is no exception. It's difficult to take it all in, so just relax and do your best. Chances are your first visit to Dallas won't be your last.

Dallas-No place bigger


From its humble beginnings as an 1840 trading post along the Trinity River, Dallas has blossomed into a cosmopolitan and cultured city. Today this status-conscious city is a banking and insurance center, a high-tech player, and the third-largest fashion center and film production area in the nation. And with space for architectural experimentation, its glittering skyline, creatively lit at night, is one of the nation's most spectacular. Quick Tips: Looking for a great way to spend an afternoon in Dallas - Fort Worth? Visit the major theme parks, zoos, aquariums, museums and landmark attractions. Best Way To Get Around: Although public transportation does exist, a car is a must i...Read More