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Sea Garden Review

A November 2003 trip to Acapulco by mndeerslayer

Quote: Decent accommodations, but far from Acapulco.

Sea Garden Acapulco Mayan Resort

Hotel | "Sea Garden Acapulco"

Best Things Nearby:A decent cafe is onsite and the beach is across the street. A small store has needed Mexican vacation items (booze, snacks, and mixes) at elevated prices.Best Things About the Resort:Quiet location and good maid service.Resort Experience:This is a decent resort. If you’re looking to do any significant time in Acapulco, however, either rent a car or stay somewhere downtown. Buses are not available out here and a taxi ride is 90 pesos to downtown (about 10 miles). The pool is small but nice, the staff speaks fair English, and a free shuttle takes you to the Mayan Palace (~1 mile away). ...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on December 5, 2003

Sea Garden Acapulco Mayan Resort
Avenida De Las Palmas No. 1121
Acapulco, Mexico
52 (744) 469-6002