Sedona Journals

The Red Rocks

A May 2003 trip to Sedona by Kim Heckman

Quote: The Red Rocks in Sedona are breathtaking. They look spectacular against the sunrise and sunset. Even more spectacular is the nearby Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon has to be seen in person because the pictures cannot do this natural wonder enough justice.

Arroyo Roble


Best Things Nearby:The creek, the red rocks, and the shops.Best Things About the Resort:The resort has a creek behind it. It's peaceful to sit and watch the water. It's fun to explore the rocks on the creek.Resort Experience:The red rocks are spectacular. Even more spectacular is the Grand Canyon, which is about an hour drive away. The first time we went to the Grand Canyon we took the Grand Canyon Railway. It was good to experience that once for our four-year-old, but it was too dependent on tourist tip money. Plus they have a schedule that we must follow so we did not get to see a whole lot of the Grand Canyon. The next day we went back to the Gran...Read More

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