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Allen House

A November 2003 trip to London by nmcginni

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Allen House

Hotel | "The Allen House Club"

Allen House Photo, London, England
Best Things Nearby:High Street. I dropped my luggage and headed to the activity center. I went back to Allen House for a coat at sunset and went back to High Street. Best Things About the Resort:The service was wonderful; everything you needed, they could handle for you, from a car and driver to having a three-bedroom unit for three people instead of one bedroom for three people. (My travelling buddies had to stay home with family health problems.)Resort Experience:Walking around the corner to High Street and the hustle and bustle was fascinating. The amazing part was that the sound did not infiltrate the apartment at Allen House. ...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on November 9, 2003

Allen House
8 Allen Street
London, England W8 6BH
44 207 938 1191