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Cidade Vella, A Coruña Photo, La Coruna, Spain More Photos
Quote: Again talking about my own town!! Out of the tourist masses and still good weather.

Coruña city


Cidade Vella, A Coruña Photo, La Coruna, Spain
Walking by and enjoying the strolling. Romanic architecture, Picasso's first steps in art, beaches to get suntanned (as far as the weather allows you) good value in shopping, good food, sports, and lovely people.

Quick Tips:

Try to learn basic words in Spanish because, although people study English in school, they don't speak it. Everybody will be willing to help you anyway.

Best Way To Get Around:

Public buses are cheap and they can get you anywhere in town. The old town is closed to traffic though. It's really small so it's a good chance to get lost in the streets, and believe me, you will. I've been there lots of times and I can get lost very easily there.

My big little town


Plaza de Azcarraga, A Coruña Photo, La Coruna, Spain
This is a more personal view about Coruña. First I have to explain that in Spanish, it's said LA CORUÑA, although in Galician (the language spoken there), it’s A CORUÑA. I prefer to call it just CORUÑA. Although we have our own language (that is because once upon a time, Galicia belonged to the same kingdom as Portugal, so you can say it's a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese). not everybody speaks it. It's not like in Catalonia. It's more like an internal language fight that has to do with locals, but it shouldn't affect you. On holiday, days can start with a nice breakfast in any of the bars that you can find in LA MARINA. This is a charming place just in front of the sea, the port, sheltered b...Read More

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