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The second time around in Hawaii - Part 2

A January 2001 trip to Kauai by karenkayp

Quote: The island of Kauai is beautiful no matter how many times you visit there. There is so much to see and do that our second visit we repeated very few things that we did the first visit. Our helicopter and boat tours were definitely highlights of this trip.

Pahio at Ka' Eo Kai

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Hotel | "Pahio at Ka'Eo Kai"

This was our second stay at PAHIO at Ka'Eo Kai, and we soon realized that the first time we stayed there we had the "cream of the crop" unit. Although we were a little disappointed in the older unit we had this time, we still rate this resort very high because of the friendly and accommodating staff. This time the second bedroom was equipped with twin beds and we didn't expect that since the first time we had two master bedrooms. We found the registration at the airport just great and once we were settled in went to the front desk to have all our questions answered in a friendly and quick way. When we arrived we found a lot of ants in the kitchen, and with just a phone call they arrived immediately...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on October 29, 2003

Pahio at Ka' Eo Kai
3970 Wylie Road
Kauai, Hawaii
(808) 826-6549