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Two Sides Of a Town

A May 2003 trip to Berlin by travel1980

Quote: Even though Berlin is now one city, you can still tell a big difference between the east and west. The east has more of the youth and the culture. The west is more of a business district that reminds one of a major US city such as Chicago.

Two Sides Of a Town


There is so much to do in Berlin that you could stay a week and still have plenty left over. The historical sites, mostly in the east, are great to visit to see some of the world's most famous sites, such as the Berlin Wall. Berlin is a great place to shop, as the west is filled with shops (not a whole lot for the budget traveller). At nighttime, there are plenty of bars and discos to last you until the sun rises.

Quick Tips:

Best Way To Get Around:

The best way to get around is to use the U-Bahn and S-Bahn system to connect you to a certain point and then walk. The city is too big to walk or even bike, but the public transportation system is easy and very reliable.

Circus Hostel

Hotel | "Circus"

First of all, there are two different Circus Hostels in Berlin. Of all the hostels I stayed at in Europe, this was the top one by far. The price for a six-person room was around $18. The place is very clean inside, and everything seems new. The beds are very comfortable. The showers are hot and almost too powerful. The bar in the basement is a great place to meet people and offers many drink specials. The cafe located inside the hostel serves a wonderful breakfast for 3 euros. On top of all this, the place is located right across from a U-Bahn station, so you are never too far from downtown Berlin.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 19, 2003

Circus Hostel
Weinbergsweg 1A
Berlin, Germany 10119
+49 (30) 28391433