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Vegas 2003 Update

An October 2003 trip to Las Vegas by shaunandtrish

Roundtable Buffet at the Excalibar Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada More Photos
Quote: We were married here three years ago and stopped over a couple of days on our trip to the states in 2003. Some things change, some don't.

Vegas 2003 Update


Those Fountains Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada
The Bellagio fountains remain the best free show in the world. The Treasure Island show is currently under renovation (as at Oct 2003)--I suspect an image transformation for "TI" is on the cards. I've heard it wants to be more adult-orientated. The mind boggles. My other journal entry (What's Happening)gives more specifics.Quick Tips: Take a cab to and from the airport and avoid the airport shuttle bus if you can. If there are two or more of you the prices will be similar and the cab ride will usually be much faster as you don't go around other hotel drop-offs for other people on the bus. Our one mile ride to the Luxor took 45 minutes.Best Way To Get Around: We always walk. Even...Read More

Luxor Las Vegas

Hotel | "Luxor"

We took a pyramid room, which was well maintained and very spacious. The bathroom was spacious with a good shower and hairdryer. Next time I'd request a front facing room to see the Strip, or a rear for a view of the desert. Our view was a slanty one of the side of the Excalibur. The main difficulty with the Luxor is getting your bearings, but you learn--it's a big hotel after all. The worst point was the 30 minute wait to check in, and this was mid-week. I'd guess it would get worse on a Friday. You do have the option of key-drop check-out however. Our deal gave us a free admission into the spa. This was a nice bonus. The areas are single sex so being a bit repressed I had to put up with flab...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on October 12, 2003

Luxor Las Vegas
3900 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119-1000

Pharoah's Pheast Buffet

Restaurant | "Luxor Pharoah's Pheast. - Phairly ordinary ..."

We stayed in the Luxor, and first night we couldn't be bothered to go far - this was our main motive for trying this place out. As an "all you can eat" / self-serve sort of place, it is very much as you would expect in that you queue up, pay at check-in, and go when you've finished. I'd have to say that the quality and choice, compared to other (sometimes cheaper) options on the Strip, was not great. You did not, for example, get the rib/shrimp that the Excalibur offered, and the choice of beverages was not as wide as the Excalibur's either. The "Italian" options were the ropiest. The pizza was dull and dry and the pasta sticky and soggy. I can say that, bar the pickiest of eaters,...Read More

Member Rating 2 out of 5 on October 18, 2003

Pharoah's Pheast Buffet
Luxor Hotel - 3900 Las Vegas Boulevard South
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
(702) 262-4102

Roundtable Buffet at the Excalibar

Restaurant | "Excalibur defeats the Pharaoh on value and choice"

Roundtable Buffet at the Excalibar Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada
We went here the day after we'd tried the Pharaoh's Pheast. We'd noticed the lines were a bit longer here - so thought it might be OK on that basis. It was. There are a few things that it does better than the Luxor: 1. It's a couple of bucks cheaper. 2. It has better salads and fresh stuff. 3. It has better meats and fish (for example, you can get ribs and shrimp here). 4. Its beverages are better, with hot drinks also included. 5. It has a Chinese and Mexican counter, and the dishes on here taste more or less like they should (you know when buffet Chinese food doesn't taste quite right?). 6. Another diner asked me if they really say "gadzooks" in...Read More

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on October 18, 2003

Roundtable Buffet at the Excalibar
3850 Las Vegas Blvd. S.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89109
(702) 597-7777

What's happening on the Strip (Oct. '03)

Best Of IgoUgo


Bellagio Fountains Photo, Las Vegas, Nevada
It had been 3 years since we'd been, and we were interested to see what (if anything) had changed on the Strip. The first thing we noticed was that there was more construction work happening than last visit. Two new hotels were under construction, one more or less opposite "TI" and the other between Luxor and Manalay Bay. Both of the structures were up and were being fitted with bronze reflective windows. I hear the one next to Luxor may be called "London" - don't quote me. Caesar's Palace had some severe construction and renovation happening out front. This, however, was better than the view inside (Celine Dion !!!). The Desert Inn is now an art gallery. I'm sorry,...Read More