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A September 2001 trip to Branson by telisha

Quote: Great condo, large and comfy. Shows were good, but some big names were out of town due to Labor Day holiday weekend.

country shows


See the magic show and the Chinese arcrobats. We really liked both shows.

Quick Tips:

We purchased discount coupon books at the timeshare and really saved a lot of money on the shows.

Best Way To Get Around:

We drove our vehicle to Branson, so we drove to the shows. The traffic was light due to the Labor Day holiday weekend, but we heard it was normally very bad.

Silverleaf's Holiday Hills

Hotel | "Silverleafs Holiday Hills"

Best Things Nearby:Golf course, music shows, lakes, dining.Best Things About the Resort:Very large and spacious. Friendly helpful people. Great location. Resort Experience:The condo unit we had was very spacious and roomy. There were four of us and it could have accommodated 6 easily. The unit was nicely furnished and really easy to find and get to. It was a little way from town, so you did not have all the traffic and noise that you do in town. Unit Type: 2 Bedroom Activities: Excellent Amenities: Excellent Unit Sati...Read More

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on October 9, 2003

Silverleaf's Holiday Hills
620 East Rockford Drive
Branson, Missouri

Showboat Branson Belle

Restaurant | "Showboat Belle"

We decided to go to the riverboat show and dinner. It was the one of the best meals and shows we saw when we were there. The show was of a Broadway caliber and the dinner of prime rib was delicous. The service was excellent. I would recommend this show and dinner to anyone going to Branson.

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on October 9, 2003

Showboat Branson Belle
4800 State Highway 165
Branson, Missouri 65616
+1 417 336 7171; +1