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Road Trip 9/03Cruisin’ Loaiza

A September 2003 trip to Mazatlan by Andariega

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Quote: Av. Rodolfo T. Loaiza is a short but busy street in La Zona Dorada of Mazatlán. It is chockfull of restaurants, shopping and lodgings. Although I don’t recommend it, one could easily spend an entire vacation here.

Ernie Tomato's

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Restaurant | "Ernie Tomato’s"

Ernie Tomato's Photo, Mazatlan, Mexico
After an exciting morning seashell shopping I decided some sustenance was in order. It was a warm day so I looked for somewhere air-conditioned. A block from Sea Shell City I found Ernie Tomato’s, cool, friendly and oh so tomato-y. Ernie’s is easy to recognize by all the tomatoes painted on the building and the big smiling tomato pointing the way to the entrance. Once inside, the first things you will notice are the tomatoes, many of them flying. There are tomatoes on the ceiling, on the walls, on the bar, and on the tables; there is even a boulder-sized tomato with windows and a door (I never investigated what was inside.) I was immediately seated by a window facing the street, given ...Read More

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Ernie Tomato's
Rodolfo T. Loaiza Avenue Number 403-1
Mazatlan, Mexico