Lake Tahoe Journals

Spring break in Lake Tahoe

A March 2003 trip to Lake Tahoe by realtors

Quote: Spring Break skiing was great in Lake Tahoe. We stayed at the Embassy, which is located on the lake beside and parallel to Ski Blvd., which takes you straight up to the ski area at Heavenly. The skiing had breathtaking views of Lake Tahoe. Accommodations were first class.

Spring break in Lake Tahoe


Skiing at Heavenly. You can ski from California with views of Lake Tahoe to Nevada with views of the desert. Drive around the lake and have a picnic if you need a rest from skiing. Take a camera with you at all times. Photo opportunities everywhere, on the mountain and off.

Quick Tips:

We flew into Reno and drove to Lake Tahoe. I recommend the drive with its beautiful scenery. Don't allow someone to drove that is unfamiliar with driving on steep inclines.

Best Way To Get Around:

Rent a car. Grocery store is located just down the road, as well as several restaurants and casinos.