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Falling in love with Sedona

An August 2000 trip to Sedona by Rose (Bud)

Native flute player Photo, Sedona, Arizona More Photos
Quote: I'm not sure what we expected, but in just one week Sedona became a place we talk about to all of our friends, even three years later.

Falling in love with Sedona

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Native flute player Photo, Sedona, Arizona
We ended up in Sedona on a fluke because a timeshare came available and my husband had driven through the red rock the year previous on a business trip and thought it would be worth exploring. Describing Sedona has become somewhat of a passion... when we read about the fact that it's an area of natural vortices and full of new wave practitioners, we wondered whether we'd be put off by "weirdness". Neither of us have ever bought into the concept of serenity induced by outside factors, but there really is something about Sedona! The air is clear and clean, and the surroundings, with the red rock, clear streams and combination of desert and forest vegetation, are stunning. Within a day of arriving, we...Read More
Sedona Springs Resort Photo, Sedona, Arizona
Best Things Nearby:Chapel of the Holy Cross, built right into the red rock; Flagstaff Observatory; Grand Canyon within a few hours; Oak Creek; Jerome (old silver mining town); Montezuma's Castle; native artisans; wonderful shopping; great restaurants.Best Things About the Resort:Fabulous location, decor, and activities.Resort Experience:Each 2-bedroom unit has 2 floors: kitchen, large living room and dining area downstairs (washer and dryer included), 2 big bedrooms upstairs, and a private Jacuzzi room. The decor is pure southwest, in desert colours and warm comfortable furnishings. The resort offered cultural activities, a great orientation, and a knowled...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on September 27, 2003

Sedona Springs Resort
55 Northview Rd.
Sedona, Arizona 86339

Cowboy Club


We chose the Cowboy Club specifically in order to try buffalo steaks and were hooked right away! The decor is pure southwest ranch, with wooden floors, large chairs and booths, and a big bar across the back. Make sure to check out the western decor in the entranceway on your way out or in. It really adds to the ambience of the place. The sweet potato fries and buffalo skewers are fantastic appetizers -- we weren't impressed with the rattlesnake bits, but they're worth trying just to say you did. The buffalo sirloin, buffalo filet mignon and buffalo burgars are all outstanding . . . we went back twice more during our one week visit because we just couldn't get enough! From the comments we he...Read More

Member Rating 5 out of 5 on September 26, 2003

Cowboy Club
241 North State Route 89A
Sedona, Arizona 86336