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Help is a phone call away

A September 2003 trip to Hyannis by Yesitwas

Quote: After two days of constantly hearing the clicking of my train to Boston, a two-hour bus ride to Hyannis, MA, three days and nights at my uncle's death bed, and expensive but cheaply kept hotels, RCI came through with a week stay at the courtyard resort in Hyannis.

Help is a phone call away


The people at the courtyard resort, especially Michael and his wife Olga (both from Poland), cared for my tired legs after walking to and from my uncle's house trying to settle his estate. The indoor pool, sauna, and whirlpool helped heal my body and mind as each day passed. Quick Tips: If you can walk, I suggest you do so. There is so much on main street to see and you are just a stone's throw from the beaches. Save the money and eat the food. By the way, if you want GOOD SEAFOOD AND CLAM CHOWDER, go to the Cape Cod Hospital's cafeteria and pretend you're visiting a sick friend. Yes, they even serve Starbucks coffee. You can't beat the price or the taste. Don't forget to stop by the JF...Read More

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