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An August 2003 trip to Guanacaste by MariaJoe

Quote: Our adventure started with a 5 hour bus ride from San Jose to our resort Condovac La Costa. We were 1 hour south of Nicaragua's border. The resort was in Playa Hermosa. The villa was nice, spacious, and peaceful. Hardly any tourists.
Large villa. Fully equipped kitchen (no oven), spacious dining table, two sofas. Nice front porch. Plenty of linen and towels. TV. Hot water. Service daily. Shuttle would take you to the beach or around the resort if you didn't want to walk. Everything was on a hill (always going up or down the hill to go for breakfast or the beach).

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on September 24, 2003

Condovac La Costa
Playa Hermosa
Guanacaste, Costa Rica

The resort was under renovations by the pool area, and for eating there was only one place for breakfast and one place for lunch/dinner (and every night was the same menu). However, we meet a wonderful local fellow that took us to do "canopy trails" (where you hand froma cable and slide frm tree to tree) and it was awesome. We also saw local men attempt to ride bulls. We took a tour to a rain forest where there was more canopy trails, plus "mud bath" and thermal pools. Another day we rode a raft down a river and saw iguanas, crocodiles, tucans, and many other types of birds. Whitewater rafting was good. And our local tour guide took us to "town" and shopping and out dinning. Overall t...Read More

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