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Perpignan - a flying visit

An April 2003 trip to Perpignan by FionaMel

Quote: As this was just a quick stopover on the way to Barcelona, I didn't really get a chance to look around. When I have more time I will probably come back.

Perpignan - a flying visit


The evening I arrived Perpignan were playing an Italian team in the European cup rugby championship. I'm not sure where the game was held, but although it wasn't in Perpignan, at the end of the game it was pretty clear who had won. Most of the locals headed into town in their cars screaming and honking their horns and waving the gold and red Catalan flag. I gathered that people in Catalan are pretty passionate about their rugby. The other memorable moment comes from the toilets at the youth hostel. It was the first time in the west that I have come across accommodation with squat toilets.Quick Tips: Unfortunately I didn't get time to see much. In reality there isn't a lot to see, t...Read More
The youth hstel is in an attractive house built in typical Catalan style with a Spanish patio in 1955. Unfortunately, its location was chosen before the main highway was built across its backyard. If you get a room facing the highway, earplugs are recommended. I suspect due to the location it became less popular, which led to less attention on upkeep, making it less popular, and so on. Because in some ways the hostel is a rather shoddy. I was also less than impressed with the squat toilets and the condition of the showers. I skipped the shower since I was heading off early in the morning. On the other hand, it does have a kitchen and at €8.40 per night it is very cheap. The hoste...Read More

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Perpignan Auberge de Jeunesse
Allée Marc Pierre, Parc de la Pépinière
Perpignan, France
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