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The middle of Canada

A September 2002 trip to Winnipeg by spaceout

City Center Photo, Winnipeg, Manitoba More Photos
Quote: Winnipeg is situated in the plains of Canada, and because of that it gets very cold in the winter. -40C is a normal temperature reading in January.

The middle of Canada


City Center Photo, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Here, Canadian French, Canadian English, and Native American live in harmony. Also, it is one of the most open cities in Canada, as the mayor is openly gay. This makes it a nicer city overall, as there is less prejudice. Winnipeg is also the home of Winnie the Pooh.Quick Tips: The Forks is one of my favorite spots, although it is very touristy! Yet it has a great view from the Market Tower--although it is only 6 stories high, it gives you a great view of the Red and Assiboine River. The Assiboine Park has a gallery, a zoo, a conservatory, a theater, and a sculpture garden. It's a great park to hike the trails and an ideal place for photographs. The Leo Mol Sculpture Garden is situat...Read More

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