Orlando Journals

Sea World in Orlando

A July 2003 trip to Orlando by Tenia

Quote: One of the best days of our vacation in Orlando/Kissimmee was our day at Sea World. The kids got very wet in a playship, as well as beside a rock waiting for the waves to wash over them.

Sea World in Orlando


Feeding the dolphins at Key West Dolphin Cove. You have to buy the fish when they are selling, since feeding times vary during the day. It's worth the .00 for three fish to actually pet a dolphin under the chin. Listen to the instructions on how to feed the dolphins first to get the most out of the experience. For roller coaster enthusiasts, Kraken is 15 stories high and is floorless, turning you upside down no less than seven times. Quick Tips: You can purchase your tickets online 7 days before and save 10%; or don't forget your CAA/AAA card to receive discounts. As soon as you arrive, look at the schedule of shows. Map out your day around the shows. Shamu Adventure at Shamu Sta...Read More