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Prague Nightlife

A May 2002 trip to Prague by drumzspace

St. Vitus Cathedral Photo, Prague, Czech Republic More Photos
Quote: One week in Prague seeking the better nightlife alternatives and refuge from other tourists.

Prague Nightlife


For open-minded music fans, Jazz Club Zelezna ( should NOT be missed. Tucked away in a basement on a side street off the old square, locals and curious tourists alike are treated to an ever-changing roster of musical acts ranging from gypsy music to Burt Bacharach-infused prog rock (really!). The place is packed with the early 20's set and I mean *PACKED* like little Czech sardines, so get there early for a table on popular nights. And this being Central Europe you can be assured that no smoking ordinances exist here, so if it bothers you you may want to reconsider. Art movie buffs will want to spend serious time at the Roxy theater ( Movies you n...Read More
Spartan but clean and very spacious. Walking distance to the Old Square, and right across the street from the Revolucni subway stop. It sits on a three-way intersection, though, so it can be noisy in the mornings.

No air conditioning, but fans are in every room.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on September 8, 2003

Hotel City Centre
Revoluční 4, CZ 110 00 Prague 1
Prague, Czech Republic
(420) 224 814 650

St. Vitus Cathedral


St. Vitus Cathedral Photo, Prague, Czech Republic
A well organized, multi-language self-guided tour takes you through every nook and cranny of this 14th century cathedral. The art, statues, tombs, and stained glass are all very well preserved. The entire complex will take a couple of hours to experience thoroughly.

Member Rating 4 out of 5 on September 8, 2003

St. Vitus Cathedral
Prague Castle
Prague, Czech Republic 11908
+420 2 2437 3368