Ormond Beach Journals

Ormond Beach

A July 2003 trip to Ormond Beach by Tenia

Quote: Ormond Beach is just north of Daytona Beach and, in fact, it is difficult to tell where one community starts and the other ends.

Ormond Beach


The beach is so wide that they actually allow vehicles to drive on the sand on a marked sand road. There is a cost to driving your car onto the beach which I believe was .50 (but you got a free Coke at locally participating vendors). Even allowing for the traffic, parking for vehicles, and sale trucks, you still have another 30 or so foot wide beach with lifeguards every so far to hold the hands of little ones (or scared big ones). This is a family beach (no topless), though lots of amazing bathing suits especially come mid-afternoon. The hotels are all lined up in a row along the beach. All have a 15-foot wall up from the beach (like a retaining wall) and the pools are s...Read More