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A July 2003 trip to Williamsburg by Tenia

Quote: Williamsburg is amazing location. Patriot Place was less than three minutes from Historic Williamsburg.

Living History Plus


Check-in for Patriots' Place was at Ramada 1776 (set back from Bypass Road). Toured Patriots' Place--the two sections on both sides of the Ramada. They actually have three different locations throughout Williamsburg. The duck crossing signs were cute (as were the ducks). Pool wasn't large but liked all the pool toys that were there. The rooms were like townhouses for set up. You would need a couple of days to do everything at Historic Williamsburg with all the enactments always going on. We did a tour by horse and carriage around the 88 buildings, which cover over 3 miles. The guide was informative and stayed in character the entire time. My girls (8, 7, 5) were a bit confused...Read More