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Vivir na Coruña

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Plaza de las Barbaras, A Coruña Photo, La Coruna, Spain More Photos
Quote: Spending my whole life there, I know a lot of big things about this little city.

Vivir na Coruña


Plaza de las Barbaras, A Coruña Photo, La Coruna, Spain
La Coruña is a city made for walking. It´s not very big and the city centre can be seen in one day. Romanic churches in the old town, one of the biggest promenades in Europe, the richest fishing area in the country...

Quick Tips:

Eating out is very cheap, and Galicia is very well known for its food, the quantity and quality of everything: fish, meat, veggies, and the king is shellfish!!!!

Best Way To Get Around:

The best way to do it is walking, but buses work all around the city. Although taxis are cheap they are used from midnight on because there are no buses working.

Melia Maria Pita Hotel

Hotel | "Melia Maria Pita"

Melia Maria Pita Hotel Photo, La Coruna, Spain
The building itself is part of the smooth feautures of the area. Very good view of all the bay. Very close to all the activities in the centre. And the facilities on-site are enough or more than you can expect.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 on September 3, 2003

Melia Maria Pita Hotel
La Coruna, Spain 15003

Living in Coruña


Coruña Beach Photo, La Coruna, Spain
A Coruña is a perfect place to know Spain and the Spaniards. Although every year the number of tourists is increasing, forget about the invasions you can see in the south. Some foreigners can be seen around, usually students or cruise travellers, but most of the tourists travelling there are Spanish families avoiding the heat and the massive beaches of the south. Although Galicia´s weather is usually rainy and cloudy, and we cannot garantee the sun as in Andalucia, summers are warm and beautiful. Lots of sunny days and good temperature to go to the beach and get tanned. There are lots of beaches in Galicia and all are different. Going out? A Coruña has different places with differen...Read More

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