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Historic San Miguel de Allende

An August 2003 trip to San Miguel de Allende by ednamel

Quote: S.M.A. is a beautiful town filled with hills, historic buildings, and friendly people. Best way to get around is to use the public bus. I highly recommend this city -- it's 90 minutes from Dolores Hidalgo and about the same distance to Guanajuato City.

Historic San Miguel de Allende


We went to the cental plaza and saw a lot of beautiful "old world" churches that are hundreds of years old. The central mercado is also great. It's buzzing with many locals (so you can practice your Spanish if want) and it's a great place to find authentic souvenirs. It's just a beautiful town, very simple and quaint. It's also centrally located in Guanajuato state. It's about a 90 minute bus ride to Dolores Hidalgo and Guanajuato city -- both of which are beautiful historic towns in their own right. I recommend visiting these towns as well. Quick Tips: Take change with you for bus rides and a camera. There are lot of opportunities for photos. Walk the cental plaza and you'll run into nice s...Read More
Best Things Nearby:Central Plaza and Central Mercado of San Miguel de Allende. Local bus stop is 100 feet from front of resort. Best Things About the Resort:The view was amazing esp at night and early morning. You can see the town below.Resort Experience:It's a distinguished resort up in the hills above the town. There were about 12 flights of stairs up to our unit, so it is not an easy walk unless you are in great shape. But the view was worth it. Nice one-bedroom unit, very well-decorated and pristine. Beautiful brick ceiling and balcony. It was a great unit. We ate at the resort's restaurant and service was very slow. Food was ok, but not ...Read More

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