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A June 2001 trip to Cabo San Lucas by jscottmiller

Westin Regina Photo, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico More Photos
Quote: Regina (Westin) at Cabo. We bought a timeshare after staying here on business. The timeshare villas are separate from the hotel and the entire facility is fantastic. Now we go every year!
Westin Regina Photo, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Best Things Nearby:Wonderful on-site pools and restaurants. But you need to take cab/shuttle everywhere else.Best Things About the Resort:Luxury, outstanding views, incredible staff, wonderful food.Resort Experience:The large hotel building is striking, but the timeshare units are incredible. Huge bedrooms, enormous bathrooms, incredible weather all year. The on-site food is excellent and the entire facility is 5-star. Unit Type: 2 Bedroom Activities: Excellent Amenities: Excellent Unit Satisfaction: Excellent...Read More

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Westin Regina
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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico