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City of Angels

A January 2003 trip to Bangkok by Gwilym Owen

What Phra Kaew Photo, Bangkok, Thailand More Photos
Quote: This is a vibrant and dynamic city full of life, exquisite temples, and fantastic shopping neatly bisected by the languid Chao Phraya River. Be warned, however, that the stifling heat, oppressive pollution, and endless traffic jams may not be to everyone’s taste. Intrigued? Then read on!

City of Angels

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What Phra Kaew Photo, Bangkok, Thailand
It is perhaps because of the hectic and chaotic pace of life of a city in the throes of rapid development that I was warned against visiting and feared the worst. However, I was determined not to pass up the opportunity as I was flying out from Bangkok anyway... Upon arrival, it is easy to understand why many people develop an instant dislike for the place, thrust as we were into the seething and anarchic centre of this city as we stepped off the train at Haulamphong Station. It helped fearing the worst, as I found Bangkok quite pleasant with open spaces and many of the best sights in easy walking distance of each other. The highlight is most definitely seeing the many Wats (...Read More