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Treat Yourself to Tivoli

An April 1999 trip to Tivoli by MacJay

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Quote: Tired of the hustle and bustle of Rome? Tivoli is an enchanting, low paced escape that will beguile you with an out of the ordinary museum, exquisite gardens and a chance to RELAX!

Treat Yourself to Tivoli

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Flowers Photo, Tivoli, Italy
Rome is an exhilirating city, no doubt about it, but after a scazillion paintings of the Madonna and Child, less than perfect weather and the expected encounter with gypsy pick-pockets, we were ready for a parenthesis. My husband suggested a day trip to Tivoli. Though not thrilled with the idea at first, our sixteen year old was glad he had gone by the time the day was over. Tivoli is a small town perched atop one of the seven hills of Rome from where one can see the splendor and the pollution of the city tucked in below. The main building of the Villa d’Este houses a most interesting museum…an exhibit takes you through the history of books, how they were printed before and after Guttenb...Read More

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