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Baseball, Montreal

An August 2000 trip to Montreal by Emily Marie

Quote: Expos baseball: catch it while you can!

Baseball, Montreal


Walking around the old city and along the water . . . I found it more classy and old-countryesque than South Street Seaport. Rue Sainte-Catherine.

Quick Tips:

This is a good getaway for New Yorkers, a fairly quick drive to another country. As the Canadian Board of Tourism advertises these days, the U.S. dollar goes a long way.

Best Way To Get Around:

Metro! Considering how much Montreal tries to be French-like, I guess it's not surprising that the subway feels like it is the Metropolitan itself. I would guess the trains themselves are even imports. They are the same pastel blue and run on tires along the same thin concrete slabs.

Olympic Stadium - Montreal

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Attraction | "Olympic Stadium/Stad Olympique"

By the time this is written, it's possible that the Le Expos may only be a Canadian resident for a month-and-a-half longer. If that's the case, few in Montreal will shed a tear. This weekend, with Barry Bonds in town, the team only drew 9,000 for at least one of the games. The Metro Station for that matter doesn't even reflect in its name that this is where the Stadium is! That would be the Pie IX station for anyone going. For some reason, I enjoy Stad Olympique. I don't know why, as I see and understand the complaints people have. I guess what I like is the promenade below the playing surface. For a Stadium built in the 70's, the way they treated this area was on-par with the new parks they ar...Read More

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Olympic Stadium - Montreal
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