Vancouver Island Journals

The girlie weekend that was anything but..

An August 2003 trip to Vancouver Island by *cartgirl*

Quote: Through swarms of horseflies and mosquitoes, through sleet, rain, wind, and snow, we arrived at the sumit of Mount Albert-Edward!

The girlie weekend that was anything but..


Seeing the look on the faces of my girlfriends when we reached the peak of Mount Albert-Edward.

I will always remember the beautiful meadows, glacial lakes, and the carins (stone markers) marking our way.

Quick Tips:

Tips or suggestions. Hum, let me think..
1-bring lots of bug spray
2-bring more bug spray
3-good hiking boots
4-more bug spray
5-bring a compass
6-take your time with following the carins, when you arrive at one, take the time to look out for the next one. we got side tracked a couple of times because we followed the wrong ones

Best Way To Get Around:

There is only 1 way- and that way would be using your feet.

Located approximately 2.5 hours north west of Victoria, British Columbia. Following along the Inland Island Highway, take exit 130, Strathcona Parkway. Follow all the way to the parking lot! Website for Mount Washington: .

The Hike

Best Of IgoUgo


DAY ONE The game plan: To hike approximately 10km in to Circlet Lake and set up camp (FYI: no campfires allowed in this park). Once the camping fee was paid ($5/person/night -- great deal!), the packs organized and on our backs--we made our way to the trailhead. How nice and level it looked! This was going to be a breeze--this was the first thought that popped into my head. The first 30 minutes or so, we walked along a boardwalk through a nice meadow. The weather was perfect, slightly overcast, and a nice breeze. Lovely! Then...I saw the first ridge to climb. It is amazing how quickly our leisurely stroll through the meadow turned into a hike through the mountains -- and just a...Read More