Lake Chelan Journals


A June 2003 trip to Lake Chelan by LalaB

Quote: This is a recap of the best vacation my family and I have taken--ever. Admittedly we haven't vacationed a lot, but this trip convinced us to go a lot more!



There is so much to do, from putt putt golf to renting jet skis -- for the first time ever. We don't own a boat and have never been on jet skis, but we had such a good time that we considered buying some! Even my son, who was initially a little nervous, can't wait to go back and try them again! What a way to spend the day!! Some of the most memorable moments were relaxing on the balcony overlooking Lake Chelan as we watched the sunset I have a beautiful picture I'll upload once I get it scanned in. Then the fireworks display over the lake took our breaths away a number of times. It was so relaxing to barbecue on the deck, sit there and watch the fireworks, then just walk inside and enjoy a game ...Read More