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Disney's Animal Kingdom

A June 2003 trip to Orlando by treesinger

Disneys Animal Kingdom Photo, Orlando, Florida More Photos
Quote: This is an overview of Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Disney's Animal Kingdom

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Disney's Animal Kingdom Photo, Orlando, Florida
The latest park to be built as part of Walt Disney World is Animal Kingdom (AK). AK is not a zoo, though animals are the central theme to the park overall. Of all the parks, this one is hands down the most beautifully constructed. The foliage is lush and rich. The colors are very vibrant and eye catching. The theming is found in the smallest details. Watch where you walk; you will see footprints everywhere embedded in the cement of all manner of creatures. AK is divided into lands much like the Magic Kingdom is. The entry of the park takeds you through a very lush tropical setting with some animal diversions along the way. Parrots, monkeys, flamingos, and ibis' are among the animals that...Read More

Disney's Animal Kingdom
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